Privacy Policy


ZenBee collects business information of individuals who work in a professional capacity and utilizes this information to create their professional profiles, as well as that of the business. ZenBee offers this information to our customers, who use it to market their services to business professionals and carry out recruiting activities.

If you are listed in our database, you may be contacted by our customers when they are carrying out their B2B marketing and recruiting activities. ZenBee uses complex algorithms and innovative UX to ensure that its customers only contact relevant professionals and businesses. However, ZenBee cannot cannot control the individual behavior of a customer. Therefore, ZenBee does not guarantee that you will be only contacted by relevant customers.

If you wish to be removed from our database, you may communicate your request through our “Contact Us” page.

Information Collection

Business Profiles

ZenBee collects business information about people and companies through multiple data points. The ZenBee platform then processes and combines this information using complex Algorithms to create profiles of professionals and businesses. This information is made available to our customers and partners. This information includes, but is not limited to, name, business email address, job title, department, phone number, company name, postal address of company, and employment history. Business profiles also include links to publications available in the public domain, and links to social media profiles.

ZenBee obtains the data for its Business Profiles in the following ways:

  • Collection of publicly available information on the web through scanning technology;
  • Licensing of information from third-parties;
  • Contribution of information about themselves or other people by our customers;
  • Research conducted by our in-house team through surveys, emails, phone calls, etc.

ZenBee also gives a preview of the information in its database to give potential customers a clearer idea of what they are buying. This preview may contain personal information such as name, company affiliation, job post, and location.

Customer Information

ZenBee may collect the following information about our customers:

  • Personal contact information of users of our platform;
  • Information uploaded by a customer on our platform;
  • Logs of a customer’s usage of the platform to provide a more personalized user experience, e.g. time stamps, IP address, and actions taken.

A company that has multiple users using its company level account, one of the users may have a higher level of access enabling him/her to access the personal information of other users with a lower level of access. If there is any concern related to the privacy of user information within a company level account, the company in question should be contacted.

ZenBee may use customer information in the following ways:

  • Reaching out to users to answer any inquires and address any concerns;
  • Completing transactions;
  • Sending administrative information;
  • Personalizing user experience with the platform;
  • Testing, developing and improving our platform;
  • Reaching out to users to promote new services, promotion and opportunities;
  • Investigating and prosecuting any potential breach of ZenBee’s Terms and Conditions;
  • Considering professionals for hiring within ZenBee.

ZenBee will not disclose Customer Information to any third party except where required by law during a legal dispute. Whenever possible, ZenBee will obtain a confidentiality agreement from a third party with which it shares Customer Information to ensure privacy and security. ZenBee will also ensure that the said third party has all the necessary technologies and protocols in place to ensure the privacy and security of Customer Information.

ZenBee employs security measures and back-up procedures to protect Customer Information. However, despite the best of our efforts, if there is a loss or corruption of Customer Information due to unforeseen reasons, ZenBee will not be responsible or liable. Due to this fact, users are encouraged to save copies of their uploaded information on their own system.

Website Users

Visitors who visit our site may submit their name, email address, phone number and other such information to receive information and updates about our services. By submitting any information through the site, the user agrees to all the terms and conditions of this policy. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you should not use the site and delete any cookies stored on your browser.

Purchase of Services

Purchasers of our online services will need to provide credit card information. ZenBee will only use that information for fulfilling the purchase request. ZenBee will store the credit card information in an encrypted form and will not share it with a third party.

Connecting ZenBee Account With a Third Party Service Provider

To provide certain services, ZenBee will require access to the user’s email and calendar service providers. Depending on the use case, ZenBee may need to collect information related to the email account including email header information, email subjects, email bodies and attachments. Information collected, related to Calendar will include meeting participants, meeting description, subject and date and time of the meeting. The information collected from Google accounts will comply with Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Information Collected From Affiliates

ZenBee may collect personal information from our current or future affiliates, subsidiaries or parents. ZenBee may use this information to enrich existing customer information and to improve the accuracy of our data.

Information Collected From Third Parties

ZenBee may collect information from our service providers and strategic partners. ZenBee uses this information to enhance our data and improve its accuracy.

Aggregating Collected Data

ZenBee may aggregate collected information in a form that may not depict identifiable personal information of our users, in order to better understand our customer base and enhance our services.

Inferring From Collected Information

ZenBee may use personal information to draw inferences. ZenBee employs scoring models and algorithms to evaluate data points and calculate scoring reflecting the buyer intent of professionals and companies to facilitate our customers’ outreach efforts. ZenBee does not decide whether or who to reach out to our customers. Our inferences are merely suggestive, and agency lies with the customer.

Automated Information Collection

ZenBee also collects personal information through cookies.

Information Disclosure

Disclosure of Business Profiles

ZenBee may disclose business information shared by our users, in response to market research  surveys and phone interviews conducted by our staff, in our Database.

Disclosure to Affiliates

ZenBee may disclose business information with our current or future affiliates, subsidiaries or parents.

  1. How ZenBee Share Information

Disclosure to Service Providers

ZenBee may disclose business information to service providers solely for the provision of services. ZenBee may disclose information for the following purposes:

  • Processing of credit card payments on our site;
  • Software providers of cookies installed on site may receive information about a user’s activity on our site.

Legal Disclosures

ZenBee my disclose collected information to a third party in good faith to comply with lawful requests under the following circumstances:

  • To comply with subpoenas, search warrants, or orders by public authorities;
  • To meet national security or law enforcement requirements;
  • To address a violation of the law;
  • To protect the rights and safety of ZenBee and its stakeholders;
  • To respond to a legal claim.


ZenBee stores data of visitors to its website in the form of cookies to personalize user experience. Visitors can adjust their browser settings to accept or decline these cookies. Rejecting or disabling cookies will impact the quality of user experience.

Information Security

We take information security very seriously. We employ best industry practices to protect our database. However, no system is 100% secure, thereby, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Data Retention

We retain information for the period necessary to fulfill the original purpose for collection, including:

  • The duration for which an individual whose data is in question stays in a contract with the company;
  • As long as the information is required for the delivery of services to our customers;
  • As necessary to fulfill any legal requirements;
  • As necessary to safeguard our legal rights;
  • As necessary to enforce our agreements;

Links to Other Websites

ZenBee website contains links to other websites. We do not own these websites or control their privacy policies. We encourage you to review the privacy policy and cookies policy of these websites when you land on the site after clicking the link on our website.

Using ZenBee Website Outside the US

We may store the personal information of non-US customers within the US or in another country where our service providers may operate. The laws concerning personal information may be different from the US in those countries.

European Economic Area (EEA), the UK, and Switzerland

ZenBee adheres to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when dealing with data of customers based in EEA, UK, or Switzerland. As such, ZenBee respects the right to be forgotten in light of Articles 12-23. If you wish to invoke the right to be forgotten or make a request for opt-out, you may email us at

Users residing in EEA, the UK, and Switzerland have the right to lodge a complaint regarding our data collection and processing activities with the authorities concerned. Information regarding the governing bodies can be found here.

While transferring data to third parties outside the US, we follow the guidelines set forth by Article 46 of the GDPR, including the UK or EU Standard Contractual Clauses.

Residents of the EEA, the UK and Switzerland have the following rights under the GDPR (note: verification of identity is required before the rights mentioned below can be practiced):

  • Access and download a copy of their personal data free of cost;
  • Receive certain information regarding the processing of their personal data;
  • Request correction or completion of their personal information if it is incorrect or incomplete;
  • Restrict our processing of their personal data if it is incorrect or incomplete, till the data can be completed or corrected;
  • Request their data to be sent to a third party;
  • Request removal of their personal information from our database given the data is no longer required for the purpose for which it was originally collected and no other legal bases can be found for continued processing, or the legal rights of the user outweigh our legitimate interests in the continuation of data processing;

California Privacy Rights

California state law permits its residents to request certain information regarding the disclosure of their personal information by us to third parties for the third party’s direct marketing purposes. You may make such a request by emailing us at You must attach a proof that you are a California resident in your email.

‘Do Not Track’ Requests

Our information collection practices will continue to operate as described in this policy in spite of any ‘do not track’ requests received from a user’s browser.

Children’s Privacy

ZenBee has been designed for users 16 years old and above. Neither do we intend to collect information of individuals below the age of 16. No personal information of individuals below the age of 16 should be submitted to ZenBee. If we accidentally collect personal information of individuals younger than 16 years of age, we will take the necessary steps to delete that information as soon as possible. If you reason to believe that we have the personal information of an individual younger than 16 years on our website, you may report it by emailing us at

Changes Made to This Policy

ZenBee has the right to alter this Policy occasionally. It is the customer’s responsibility to read this policy regularly for any updates. If we make any changes to this policy, we will notify our customers through email. Continued use of the website after the changes will be understood as acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

You may contact us regarding any questions related to this Privacy Policy by emailing us at