Gmail’s Stricter Measures for Bulk Email Security Are Now Effective.

A shift in B2B lead generation is happening right now. The stricter measures for bulk email security in 2024, which Gmail introduced in October 2023, are now effective.

Google is set to bolster Gmail’s defense mechanisms by enforcing stricter rules for those who send large volumes of emails. Beginning in 2024, entities dispatching more than 5,000 emails per day to Gmail users will be subjected to enhanced security requirements:

Mandatory Email Verification

To mitigate security risks and ensure the authenticity of email sources, Google mandates stringent email verification for high-volume senders. This step is aimed at sealing off vulnerabilities that cyber attackers often exploit.

Simplified Process for Opting Out

Google insists that large volume senders must streamline the unsubscribe process, allowing Gmail users to opt-out of commercial emails with a single click and mandating the handling of such requests within 48 hours. This initiative is designed to benefit the broader email community through the adoption of universal standards.

Defined Limits on Spam

Google introduces an innovative spam rate limit, setting a benchmark that bulk senders must adhere to. This measure is intended to further diminish the volume of unsolicited emails in users’ inboxes.

With these updates, Google continues to fortify Gmail against the backdrop of an evolving cyber threat landscape, building on its current system that filters out over 99.9% of spam, phishing attempts, and malware, equating to a blockade of almost 15 billion undesirable emails daily. This move comes as part of Google’s long-term commitment to email security, reflecting nearly two decades of innovation since Gmail’s inception.


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